explore complex networks

discover and understand patterns in the structure of networks — identify themes in tagged documents, videos, and images — see the landscape of communities — probe for bias in machine learning data — find structural leverage points in networked systems.

more than a network visualization tool.


formats: upload node and links data from excel or csv (up to 5,000 nodes)

link generation: build a similarity network from a list of nodes if those nodes have associated tags (e.g. documents with keywords)

media: nodes can host images, video, Twitter and Instagram feeds, and music streams

network metrics: compute network metrics including custom ones like cluster centrality and cluster bridging.


styling: easily style the appearance of nodes, links, and node labels

layouts: find emergent patterns in network structure with multiple spatial layouts, from force-directed to scatter plot to geospatial.

slides: save custom views and layouts with seamless transitions to build an animated network data story.

publish: share read-only interactive networks with custom urls.


interactivity: code-free probing with dynamic filters and search tools to understand how node attributes map onto network structure.

perspective: effortlessly zoom in to node details and zoom out to see them in the broader network context.

understanding: see distributions of all node attributes, use them as active filters, and compare the attributes of selected nodes to the broader population.

openmappr is open-source

interested in networks, data visualization, or discovery interfaces?
we could sure use your help.

The Ecological Structure of Collaboration
(mappr’s 1st debut at TED 2014)

Openmappr is a Rakuten Intelligence open-sourced project. “Mappr” was originally created by Vibrant Data with Kaustuv DeBiswas, David Gurman, Rich Williams, Sundev Lohr, Aditya Vishwakarma, Bimal Kumar, Moumita Sen, and Eric Berlow.
Vibrant Data was acquired by Rakuten Intelligence in 2016.

  • The root GitHub openmappr repository can be found here. See the GitHub documentation for how to install openmappr locally or on a server. If you want to publish shareable maps, you need to install and host openmappr on a server.

  • This openmappr.org fork is experimenting with a focus on scientists as the primary user.

  • Python scripts for generating a “similarity network” from items with associated tags (e.g., documents with keywords) can be found at Tag2Network on GitHub.

  • Openmappr requires manually uploading csv, xls, or xlsx files… Our hope is to build a python plotting library to render explorable networks directly from your scripts.

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